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Metro Roof Products

Why Metro?

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Metro Products combine the strength and durability of steel with architectural beauty in any setting. The four unique stone-coated profiles and accessory line guarantee curb-side appeal that increases the value of your home while providing top rate protection.

Years of research and testing have developed environmentally-friendly, feather-weight stone-coated steel roofing that exceeds normal roofing standards and is backed with a 50 year limited, fully transferable warranty including protection from fire, hail, wind and corrosion damage.

smart roof logoMetro’s design features include:

Metro Steel - Highly corrosion resistant AZ-50 Galvalume® steel coated with specially prepared and treated with proprietary primer to enhance Metro acrylic adhesion.

Metro Basecoat - Proprietarry special formulation developed by the world's largest resin supplier to promote long life performance in all climates.

Metro Stone Chip - Finely graded, non-oiled, natural granite granules that enhance adhesion and provide the tightest granite stone coat matrix on the market today.

Batten-less Installation - Metro offers its Shake & Tile profiles in an innovative design, allowing them to exceed the wind-uplift strength of panels installed with battens.

Smart vent stone-coated ventilator panels fully integrated into the roof field with no need for special flashing.

Smart jack stone-coated 3 in 1 type vent pipe flashings with self-sealing rubber gasket and aluminum base.

Smart sleeve stone-coated and soon to be released, vent pipe sleeve cover to perfectly finish pipe penetrations.

Eave Riser metals and Rake Channels that incorporate the unique "Locator Lip" for easy positioning and installer error-free installation.