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About Us

Horsefly Construction is relatively new to the Cariboo. I set up shop during black fly and horsefly season in the spring of 2010. A horsefly just about knocked me out of my little fishing boat. I heard something coming and ducked in nick of time; Thus the name.

Company Owner JD Leatham PictureMy Work Experience

I have spent the last number of years between Ontario, Alberta and Texas building, contracting and installing metal roofing. 35 years, in fact, and now that I have settled into the Cariboo, I have officially quit counting.

My Journeyman Carpenter qualifications were earned in Ontario where I spent my work-life in new construction, from framing to finishing. Hearing the voice in my head “Go West Young Man”... I did and found myself caught up in the Alberta Boom of the 70’s. This is where my construction business really began to take on new opportunities that included concrete foundations and retaining walls.

Alberta is where most of my project management experience was gained. I had crews of up to 20 men in all facets of home construction. We were a very well oiled machine I might say. Our team work brought the business to a new level. It's also where I caught my breath and recognized the amount of referral work we were enjoying without any money spent on marketing. This has stayed with me to this day.

After the boom, I headed off to Texas where metal roofing is pretty much a standard in the Hill Country. Paying attention to the opportunity, I soon realized that there was a reason that metal was the roof of choice; Performance and Longevity. As my metal roofing business grew, I recognized the added benefits of steel, the most recycled product on the planet and liked the idea of not filling the landfills with asphalt shingles. When I found the steel shingles at a trade show, my eyes opened even wider.  One of my thoughts was that these shingles would perform well in the harsh climates of our Canadian seasons.

The unfortunate part of this experience was that my heart was still back in Canada. 20 years in Texas, the endless push, pace and the heat was exhausting me.

Having been to the Cariboo many years ago, I thought it was time to head north and see if I could find my way to do what I like to do best. Enjoy the cool Canadian air, fish and be with my people.... and yes... make a living.

“Horsefly Construction is committed to manage your project with the care of ownership. I treat every job as if it were my own home until I hand the keys back to the homeowner.  With this level of commitment, I have enjoyed the referrals that have helped grow my business. This has provided me 35 good years in the industry.”

JD Leatham, Horsefly Construction