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Do It Yourself Home Roofing Packages

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Would you like a high quality metal roof for your home but believe the product is unaffordable?

Our Arrowline Do It Yourself Roofing packages may be for you.

Who can do it?

Most homeowners think that metal roofing needs to be installed by a professional roofer. The truth is that if you have carpentry skills and are sure-footed with no fear of heights, metal roofing can be a reality for your home.

Metal roofing is no different than any other construction project. The detailed work consists of accurately measuring, cutting, trimming and bending the materials to fit your particular design. The installation of the roofing shingle, itself, involves following the basic pattern outlined in the installation manuals. In fact, you'd probably be surprised at how quickly the entire process goes.

Do I need special tools?

No. The tools needed are common and most homeowners will already have them. In general, you will need a hammer, tape measure, utility knife, square, hand tongs, snips (left, right and straight), drill and a caulking gun.

What about materials?

The materials needed are based on the condition and size of your roof. You will need to both inspect your roof and take accurate measurements. With this information, we will put together your metal roofing kit for you.

We will provide the instructions on how to measure your roof as well as how to inspect for your roof.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. The Arrowline Warranty is available on the Arrowline website.

What is included in the home roofing package?

Our home packages include: materials, installation manual and ongoing remote support. On-site professional help can be arranged at a daily rate.

Please contact us to receive an Arrowline Do It Yourself Roofing Information Package.

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